Embroidery for sleeves of Baptismal Suits / Christening gowns

Sleeve embroidery can be a good alternative to Baptism suites for example, when it might be difficult to fit Baptism embroidery unless you want a Baptism bow. Christening embroidery makes your Christening garment personal and unique. The embroidery becomes a beautiful memory to preserve for future generations. We have many carefully selected thread colors for you to choose from. If you wish to have multiple names embroidered, we recommend baptism embroidery on the ribbon as the space is limited, and it cannot accommodate many names. However, for example, one name and one year work well. You can find more information further down the page

Instructions on how to fill in your personal choices:

1. Make your personal selections and press the 'Save Customization' button.

2. Go back and select: number of names, date, and possibly an angel below the fields you have already filled in.

3. Add your bow to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Examples of the number of names: 1 name: Emil 2 names: Emil Vilmer 3 names: Emil Vilmer Svensson

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Here you can order "sibling-embroidery" for your dress that you have already embroidered with us or if you have a gown that is not bought from us, and want to buy embroidery it (As long as the dress is not very old and fragile.)

Special conditions: We are obviously very cautious with your dress, but there is always the risk that a mistake occurs with an embroidery machine. For example, oil may splash onto the dress or the machine can make a small hole. With our own gowns, this is no problem as we can sew you a new one. But if it should happen to your dress so that it can not be restored, we will replace you with any model of our dresses in the series Tradition, Grace-Madde or Grace-Flower. When we send your gown the freight company is responsibility, our shipments is always traceable and insured, however, we can never replaced sentimental value.

Order your design here to suit your preferences and then send the dress to us. Add a note with the dress so we know to which embroidery order it belongs. Please put a safety-pin where you want your embroidery plasement, it reduces the risk of misunderstanding. See our infographic for center placement, right placement and left placement in the image gallery.


Designcompaniet AB /Grace of Sweden

Att: Kristina Olofsson

Lillro 111

855 91 Sundsvall




Here you can see the many inspirational pictures on our Pinterest page: Embroidery gallery

Questions about embroidery:

If you want to have the same font and color as a previously embroidery, there is a choice alternative for this, and we make sure you get it the same as previously embroidery.

Embroidery Approximately 70% of customers embroider the Christning date and 30% embroider the baby's birth date. If you would like the embroidery tone in tone so choose creamy white ( no.1) thread to white fabric and thread pure white (no.4) for off white fabric, then the embroidery appear beautiful. We recommend font 2 to the tone in tone embroidery, font 1 will easily blend in and will be hard to read. If you want a particular size of your design, enter it in the message box at the end of your purchase. Otherwise, we adapt the text after the number of names you selected and the thread color / font of your choice. The more names, the smaller letters. if you want many names, we recommend style 1 or 3. However, not for tone in tone embroidery.

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