Care and washing instructions for baptismal dresses, baptismal clothes and baptismal accessories

We always recommend professional chemical washing.

Advice for those who choose to wash away a stain on your gown yourself

This is a guide for you who want to wash your Baptismal gown yourself, but it is done entirely at your own risk.

It is not possible to water-wash silk dresses, these gowns need dry cleaning.. Remember that linen dresses lose their beautiful glossy surface when you water wash them. A small stain works to remove if you do not soak the entire dress. If you feel unsafe, the dry cleaning will help you to remove stains for you. Hang the dress in the shower on a hanger, which does not shed color when it gets wet. Soak up the stain with water and then take some baby shampoo or soapy soap on a wet white cloth or a topzy and rub lightly.

Always wash the dress after use if it becomes stained. If you wait until the next use, the stain may have become permanent or very difficult to remove. It is much more fun to create a perfect Christening gown for the next baptism or to leave as a memory to your children.

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If you wash off a stain, you can rinse easily on the stain. If you have a satin dress then you need to rinse the entire Baptism gown with the shower, otherwise it can become cirkel after drying if the whole dress is not soaked.

Let it hang and dry on the hanger. Easily stretch tips in moist condition for easier ironing.

Here you can read about the material properties of different dresses.


Always wash your dress without the guardian angel on the Christening garment. It is easy to crack and sew again. If you choose to flush the dress lightly in the shower, make sure the guardian angel is dry. You can wrap some plastic wrap around it or wipe it off immediately.

Store your angel in a vacuum bag or wrap it in plastic wrap when you store it for an extended period of time so it is not in contact with air. Since it stays nice for a long time, then it is a jewelery.

Storage of your Baptismal gown

We recommend that you store your baptism dress in a breathing bag that is made of natural material. You can buy an exclusive cotton satin storage bag from us: storage wardrobe.

The wardrobe with the dress should be stored in a space that is dry and dark. We recommend that you write in a place where you have, for example. important documents where you chose to store your baptismal dress.

Linen Christening gowns

We recommend dry cleaning, as the linen retains its beautiful surface. The baptismal can withstand water wash of 40 degrees fine wash or a light hand wash, for those who wish, but this is done at your own risk. Iron on flax, preferably with steam or use a spray bottle, the rosette is ironed on silk.

Silk Christening gowns

We recommend dry cleaning and never water washing, as the silk and lace retains its beautiful surface. Apply on silk.

Satin Baptism gowns

We recommend dry cleaning, then retains fabric and laces its beautiful surface. The dress can withstand a light hand wash with silk soap or baby shampoo, for those who wish, but this is done at your own risk. Iron on synthetic, two dots without steam.

Cotton baptismal clothes

Withstands 40 degrees fine wash or hand wash (Does not apply to sailor dresses / sailor suites however) We recommend dry cleaning, as retains fabric and laces its beautiful surface. Iron on cotton preferably with steam or spray bottle.